High Art Fest

This month the band is participating in the High Art Festival in Akron. This event takes place across a plethora of downtown Akron music venues and brings together the local art, music, and film creators in the area. The grand prize is $5,000 that we'll waste on studio time to finally put out that album.

So if you want us to record those songs that you know the words to... come to our show?

We decided that we'll put our song Mixed Signals; Missed Calls up for your judgment and here's how that works.

1. You have to download the App.

2. You have to be at an event.

3. You have to vote for Nick Wilkinson & The Featured Players.

If we win, we promise to spend the prize money recklessly and without remorse. 


September 29 at 7pm we'll be performing at the Akron Art Museum. We have more friends that are playing like The Dreemers, Gretchen Pleuss, and Jeff Klemm.


For more info : https://higharts.org/music/mixed-signals-missed-calls/319/c10/